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Welcome to e-Proc DAMRI Portal

The procurement of goods/services has an important role in achieving the Vision and Mission of the DAMRI Company, to realize the procurement of goods/services it is necessary to arrange the procurement of goods/services that provide value for money and contribute to the business transformation of the DAMRI company.

eProcurement Portal

DAMRI e-Procurement is a means of procurement of goods/services in which there is information regarding the procurement of goods/services in each DAMRI Work Unit, Procurement Announcements, Procurement Results and List of Able Providers (DPM).

The menu at the top of the DAMRI e-proc portal is as follows:

  1. Home
    This menu provides the main information in the form of:

    1. List of Procurement

    2. Vendor Registration

    3. Contact Information

  2. About e-Proc
    There is procurement information in the form of the e-Proc portal.

  3. Term & Condition
    This menu provides information on the Terms and Conditions for the procedure for implementing the procurement of goods/services electronically as the terms and conditions for using the e-Proc application.

  4. News
    This menu provides information on News about the Procurement of Damri and Announcements regarding the Procurement of DAMRI.

  5. Login
    This is a menu to access the DAMRI eproc application by entering the identity of the user account in the form of a username and password.

At the bottom there are Quick Links and contact information is available to assist application users when experiencing problems using the DAMRI e-Proc application.